Blast Blind Simulation Contest 2012

Recently National Science Foundation (NSF) funded a study by University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) to perform a batch of blast resistance tests on reinforced concrete slabs (Award # CMMI 0748085, PI: Ganesh Thiagarajan). Based on these results, a Blast Blind Simulation Contest is being sponsored in collaboration with American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committees 447 (Finite Element of Reinforced Concrete Structures) and 370 (Blast and Impact Load Effects), and UMKC School of Computing and Engineering.

The goal of the contest is to predict, using simulation methods, the response of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to a blast load. The blast response was simulated using a Shock Tube (Blast Loading Simulator) located at the Engineering Research and Design Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The objective of this Blind Simulation Contest is to compare differences between Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) and Finite Element Modeling approaches, highlight the efficacy of available material models and promote the development of material models that can predict the response of reinforced concrete structures subjected to highly dynamic loading such as blast. Several factors contribute to the prediction of the response of a structure when subjected to shock/blast loading. These factors include boundary conditions, complexity of material properties available, material models used and finite element parameters such as element type selection, mesh size sensitivity, material model rate effects amongst others. There are a number of concrete material models developed by several researchers over the past few decades for both static and dynamic loading and the primary objective of this contest it to evaluate their effectiveness under blast/shock loading.

Participants can form either teams or participate as individuals in one or all of the contest categories. The names and affiliations of all the teams and their members will be publically available. However, the simulation results, with the exception of the winning teams, will be kept anonymous.

Register your teams via email to , giving Names, Category of participation and whether you are a student team. Download the registration form and email it back with the team lead last name as suffix to the file name Registration form