Contest's Rules

Rules of the Contest:
  1. The contestants can either participate as an individual or as a team.
  2. Student teams are encouraged to participate and will be judged separately.
  3. Each contestant may submit only one entry. Contestants may enter as part of a team or as an individual, but not both.
  4. Any registered team or individual can participate in one or more categories.
  5. Experimental data is recorded in U.S. Customary units. However, the contestant will be required to submit work in dual units (SI and US Customary).
  6. Selected entries from the winners or the top performers will have the opportunity to submit a paper for a Special Publication.
  7. All submittals will be anonymous except for the winners.
Required Deliverables/Evaluation: the following submissions will be considered and compared with experimental results in the final evaluation.
  1. Deflection history at the central node of the back of the slab. Deflections will be compared with the deflection history measurement of the laser deflection meter.
  2. Peak deflection and the time at which peak deflection occurs.
  3. Final (Residual) deflection of the slab.
  4. Damage pattern on the back face of the slab – For advanced analysis method (for tie breaking purposes)
  5. IMPORTANT: Please submit results for BOTH data sets PH-Set 1a/PH Set 1b for Categories 1 and 2 and PH-Set 2a/PH-Set 2b for Categories 3 and 4
  6. A description of the methodology used as a Word or PDF file. The description should include a) Team Details b) Introduction c) Description of Methods (values of material parameters used must be included) d) Results and e) Discussions and Conclusions. The document size should be less than three pages.

Download Submission File here

Categories of Participation

There are four categories of participation. They are given in table below

Category_1 Normal Strength Concrete; Normal Strength Steel – Advanced Modeling; NCNR-FEM
Category_2 Normal Strength Concrete; Normal Strength Steel; - Analytical or Single DOF Modeling NCNR-ANAL
Category_3 High Strength Concrete; High Strength Steel; - Advanced Modeling HSCVR-FEM
Category_4 High Strength Concrete; High Strength Steel; - Analytical or Single DOF Modeling HSCVR-ANAL