Welcome to Dr. Reza Derakhshani’s web page

I am an Associate Professor at the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department, School of Computing and Engineering, University of Missouri-Kansas City. My research focus is Computational Intelligence with applications in Biomedical Signal and Image Processing and Biometrics. Please visit the rest of this website or my CV for more information.

Please also visit the website for my Lab, CIBIT (Computational Intelligence and Bio-Identification Technologies Laboratory) for further information about my research group.


Some Tidbits

  1. My patented new biometric technology is going commercial-find out more about eye-vein biometrics and EyeVerify here.

  2. Seen our musical brain-computer interface? See a related video on our brainwave sonification (also you can read about it here or in Kansas City Star, 12/22/2008 front page article by Steve Paul: “Music is a new way to know the brain”).

  3. UMKC Perspectives' feature on biometrics.