Assamese Songs

This page allows you to play (and download) Assamese songs (including a few by Bhupen Hazarika).

First, a few words about Assam and Assamese. Assam is a state in the North-Eastern part of INDIA surrounded by six states of India and countries such as China, Burma, Bengladesh, and Bhutan. Here is a map of Assam. Assamese is the primary language in Assam, and it is also recongnized as a regional language of India. The term Assamese is also used to identify people, as in Assamese people.

NOTE, NOTE, NOTE: I have provided a default option and two more options for each song. Hope one of them will work on your browser platform. If you still have problem, please let me know.

Currently, the following songs are available:

** from the cassette titled 'Powalmani bihugeet'. The singers are Khagen Mahanta, Archana Mahanta, Nipul Dutta Kalita, Manajyotsna Mahanta and Anjali Rai Choudhury. Accompanied by Prasen Bora and Bipu Bora in 'Dhol', Parameswar Basumatary in 'pepa', Padma Barua in 'gagana' and Nayan Barua in 'Taal'.

*** From the cassette 'axamar xuwadi maat' produced by Heritage Northeast.

FYI, the files store audio data in 8-bit mu-law, mono, 8000 Hz format (uncompressed).

Thanks again to Satyajit Nath (email:, Dipankar Talukdar (email: and Deepankar Bairagi (email: for providing the songs for this archive.

There's a great Assamese music site; check it out!

There is a web-site on ASSAM, check it out!

Also, check out the Alumi page for educational institutions in Assam, India!

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