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The 11th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM'10) will provide a high-quality forum for the presentation of research results on data management issues in the evolving world of mobile, wireless, and pervasive computing.

The MDM 2010 Seminar Program aims at offering conference attendees a stimulating and informative selection of seminars reflecting current topics in mobile data management. Submissions are invited for Advanced Technology Seminar (a.k.a.tutorial) proposals on all topics related to mobile data management. Both single-session (1.5-hour) and double-session (3-hour) proposals are solicited.

Submission Instructions:

Seminar proposals must include the following information:

*       title
*       abstract
*       1-2 pages outline

*       description of the target audience
*      preferred duration (1.5 or 3 hours)
*      short biography of the presenter(s)

The proposal should include enough information to provide a clear sense of the proposed scope and depth of coverage of the targeted topic(s).

Seminar proposals should be submitted via electronic mail in PDF format to the Seminar Co-Chairs.

For accepted proposals, proposers should note that, as an MDM tradition, the seminar slides will be made available to all MDM participants, both in hardcopy form and on-line, and that as a result, the final version of the slides will be due on May 8, 2010.

Important Dates:

*       Proposal Submission: October 30, 2009
*       Acceptance Decision : February 10, 2010

MDM Seminar Co-Chairs:

   Evi Pitoura and Peter Scheuermann

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Dr. Virender Singhal MBA, M